Chemical Dependency Counseling Programs Denton TX

University Behavioral Health of Denton is north Texas’s premiere psychiatric hospital, offering professional, effective detox treatment for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction in Denton and the surrounding area. University Behavioral Health of Denton has provided the region with psychiatric care since 2005, implementing chemical dependency programs that are proven to be effective. For those who find themselves overwhelmed by the life-altering struggles associated with addiction, University Behavioral Health of Denton’s chemical dependency counseling services represent a source of help and hope for the future.

Chemical dependency can be difficult to recognize, even for those who suffer from its debilitating effects. For this reason, we offer free evaluations for potential patients in our chemical dependency rehab program. These evaluations allow prospective patients to meet with a licensed psychiatrist to discuss the signs of chemical dependency and discuss possible means of treatment. If you suspect you have alcoholism or are addicted to any drug or other chemical, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

Upon admission to our abstinence-based chemical dependency programs, patients embark on a 12-step rehabilitation program aimed helping them explore and develop effective strategies at recovering from their addictions. University Behavioral Health of Denton provides specialized care in instances where chemical dependency is related to an existing mental health condition.

UBHDenton is an ideal psychiatric solution for individuals of any age. We customize each specialty program to help deal with the unique challenges of our patients. This allows our doctors to provide compassionate, competent and effective inpatient and outpatient care for any patient.