Christian Counseling Center Denton TX

While University Behavioral Health of Denton treats patients of all faiths and religious background, we offer specialized Christian counseling programs designed to merge psychiatric and spiritual treatment to help those suffering from chemical dependency, bipolar disorder or any other mental health condition. If you live in Denton, Texas or the surrounding area and want to know more about how you can benefit from our Christian counseling center, contact University Behavioral Health of Denton today.

University Behavioral Health of Denton’s Christian counseling services combine the advantages of receiving care at a top psychiatric hospital with the benefits of a faith-centered approach to healing mental illness. Each patient in our Christian counseling program begins their voyage to recovery with a consultation with a qualified psychiatrist. This ensures that each enrolled patient receives the dedicated, compassionate treatment he or she needs. We even offer specialized programs for military service-members, women and children.

Throughout University Behavioral Health of Denton’s Christian counseling programs, patients receive conventional psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation. However, this care is combined with a focus on spiritual well-being that many of our Christian patients find helpful in their recovery. Our programs are centered around Biblical principles, making them an excellent source of encouragement and support for Christians that seek a deeper and more rewarding recovery experience.

If you suffer from a psychiatric condition and want to try a means of treatment that recognizes and strengthens your faith, we urge you to contact the Christian counseling center at UBHDenton for a complimentary and confidential assessment.