Multiple Personality Disorder Treatment Denton Texas

When a traumatic event takes place in a person’s life, a mental split can occur. A second, third or fourth personality can emerge to take control. Since memory loss often accompanies the emergence of another personality, it is hard for the patient to tell that they are suffering from multiple personality disorder. They will act completely different to their coworkers, family and friends without knowing it. This often leads to social and career problems with no apparent cause. Prompt treatment at the University Behavioral Health of Denton psychiatric hospital will help anyone affected by this disorder to reclaim their life.

A psychiatrist will attempt to speak with the other personalities taking control of a person with dissociative disorder. Healing the trauma of this event can cause additional personalities to stop emerging, giving the patient control over their actions again. If it is not possible to stop extra personalities from acting, the treatment program will aim to give the patient tools for dealing with the mental health issue. These tools include learning to recognize signs of the additional personalities and ways to share information on their disorder with others.

Multiple personality disorder can emerge during any part of life, but conduct disorder is a special issue that only affects teens and young adults. This mental health challenge is often related to dissociative disorder and causes the patient to act out. Delinquency, anger, alcohol or drug abuse and criminal behavior are common symptoms. UBHDenton, Texas location is prepared to handle both adult and adolescent patients.