Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Treatment Denton TX

If an obsessive compulsive disorder is disrupting the natural flow of your everyday life, it is time to seek help at University Behavioral Health of Denton. We offer both in- and out-patient treatment for hoarding and other compulsion issues. When you feel compelled to complete certain movements or tasks, the cause may be obsessive compulsive disorder. The actions repeated or obsessed over aren’t as important as the uncomfortable drive to continue them. Hand-washing, meaningless shopping and constant counting are all common signs.

Our psychiatric hospital offers comprehensive treatment plans for all types of compulsion. A psychiatrist doctor will work with you to create a compulsive disorder treatment that works to control the obsessive thoughts or behaviors. We believe that a holistic approach works best for our patients. Each treatment involves changes on all levels, including adjustments in the schedule, diet and activities of a patient. Stabilizing your mood with a proper diet and sleep regimen can help reduce the stress that triggers a compulsive episode.

>Hoarding Treatment Denton Texas

We specialize in hoarding treatment for adults and children who can’t let go of physical objects. Hoarding often goes undiagnosed because it occurs behind closed doors. It is up to friends and family members of a hoarder to encourage them to seek help. When left unchecked, hoarding can cause a person to fill their home with so many items that they have no room left to sleep or eat. Insects and pests are also attracted, creating an unsafe living environment.

UBHDenton is located in Denton, Texas and are ready to help anyone who wants more control over their thoughts and behaviors.