Phobia Treatment & Therapy Denton

Fear and anxiety can limit your accomplishments both socially and in the workplace. Unreasonable worry calls for the professional care offered by University Behavioral Health of Denton. Our psychiatric hospital has a range of agoraphobia treatments that can build independence in someone who has become trapped within their own home. The phobia treatment & therapy team work to transition the person into a new comfort zone that includes shopping centers, the homes of friends and driving down the roads of their hometown.

Panic Attack Treatment Denton Texas

Our Denton, Texas center is also equipped to offer inpatient panic attack treatment. A panic attack is a serious and severe bout of anxiety that comes with physical side effects like an accelerated heart rate, uncontrollable shaking and sweating. Fleeing a business meeting or date because of the onset of a panic attack can be hard to explain later. These attacks can also prevent you from getting enough sleep or interfere with your diet. An anxiety psychiatrist at our facility will help you find the triggers and causes of these attacks and design a plan for dealing with them that gives you greater control over your life.

The care at UBHDenton also includes paranoia disorder treatments. Paranoia often leads patients to become obsessed with the thought of someone monitoring them or interfering with their lives. As it grows in severity, paranoia can lead to destructive behaviors like cutting ties with family members or criminal acts while attempting to change identities. Our paranoia disorder treatments help restore a healthy balance of discretion and acceptance to our patients.