Suicide Prevention Treatment Center Denton Texas

University Behavioral Health of Denton provides comprehensive mental health care, including suicide prevention treatment. Patients in crisis receive necessary assistance from the suicide prevention center. After the immediate crisis has been resolved, the patient receives compassionate care from a skilled psychiatrist and a caring team as part of the inpatient mental health program at our psychiatric hospital facility. This program features crisis stabilization through intensive supervision and support in a safe and secure environment.

Once the patient has stabilized, the University Behavioral Health of Denton staff provides ongoing services and support. The program involves suicide prevention treatment as well as the identification and treatment of related chemical addiction and mental health issues. Ongoing care includes a combination of partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment. In many cases, a patient will progress from full time inpatient observation and care through partial hospitalization, and finally to outpatient status for individually tailored support and therapy.

The caring and compassionate staff of our suicide prevention center in Denton, Texas is available to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. University Behavioral Health of Denton is a free standing psychiatric hospital and treatment center that provides comprehensive mental health care to patients of all ages. Services also include drug and alcohol dependency treatment for adolescents, adults and mature adults, as well as services for patients with multiple mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders. Since 2005, UBHDenton has provided an extensive array of services and programs that use evidence-based treatment that has positive outcomes for patients.